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Panther Air has the experience to service and maintain any system throughout its lifecycle. Across the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and great parts of Texas, we are recognized as one of the region’s most respected and referred HVAC experts. Panther Air spends extensive time and money for continuous staff training and professional development on state of the art HVAC practices, processes, and equipment knowledge.

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What is Your HVAC Goal?

Top of the Line System

Want the install or upgrade your system with the best HVAC system on the market with advanced technology, maximizing efficiency and comfort? We specialize in VRF technology installs and retrofits.

Less Hassle

Too much to do to worry about your HVAC system’s service? We offer scheduling options by phone, text, or email with 24/7 emergency services! We also have an online customer service portal for you to access your HVAC system quotes, inspection and repair notes with photos, and invoices.

Operating on a Tight Budget

Reducing operating costs a priority? Join the Panther Air Maintenance Program to keep your HVAC equipment running efficiently, saving you money on regular operating expenses. Life cycle equipment reviews also help you plan and budget for long term system needs.

Reliable HVAC Installations, Replacements, Repairs, & Maintenance